Extraction of teeth of any complexity.


Child and adult. Hardware treatment.


All types of prosthetics.


Correction of bite in adults and children.


Welcome to the clinic D. Kulikov

The clinic was organized by Kulikov Dmitry Alexandrovich - a talented dentist-implantologist, well-known to the residents of Odessa and guests of the city.

Working at the level of modern European clinics, we can offer you a high level of dental and ophthalmological services.

By choosing us, you will receive not only a full cycle of dental and ophthalmological services, but also the confidence that you will always look at the world with a clear look and delight those around you with a dazzling smile.

For presenting at the congress cortical implantation immediate loading
For immediate loading in dental implantology
Clinically justified approach in the immediate restoration of an endodontically treated tooth
Practical secrets of aesthetic restorations
Practical secrets of direct aesthetic restorations of anterior teeth
IF Masterclass of Immediate Loading


We care about you! European level of dentistry.
We will give a beautiful smile to everyone!


The communication between the doctor and the patient begins with a consultation and a treatment plan


Get a white smile in one visit with the Beyond Polus system


Photopolymer restoration treatment using modern protocols


Treatment of the nerve of the tooth and root canal filling according to modern protocols


Correction and correction of malocclusion in adults and children


Restoration of missing teeth by implant implantation (artificial root)


Extraction of the teeth of any complexity, raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus and other minor oral surgery


Aesthetic and functional restoration of a tooth or group of teeth

Children's dentistry

We care about your baby's healthy smile

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We will answer all your questions!

By choosing us, you will get the confidence to look at the world with a bright smile!

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Ophthalmology for the whole family. Our goal is the health of your eyes!
Look at the world with healthy eyes!

Диагностика зрения

Diagnosis of vision

Diagnosis of vision

Definition of visual acuity, refraction and selection of correction, if necessary.

Комплексная диагностика

Integrated diagnostics

Integrated diagnostics

Determination of visual acuity, refraction and correction of acuity, contactless tonometry, examination of the fundus.

Терапевтическое лечение

Therapeutic treatmen

Therapeutic treatmenе

Treatment of glaucoma, diseases of the retina, optic nerve, etc.

Лечение глаз

Eye treatment

Eye treatment

Allergic reactions of the eyes, blepharitis (massage of the eyelids), dry eye syndrome (office syndrome).

Лечение близорукости

Myopia treatment

Myopia treatment

Treatment of myopia, hyperopia, accommodation spasm, amblyopia (hardware treatment).

Детская офтальмология

Pediatric ophthalmology

Pediatric ophthalmolog

Treatment of myopia (myopia), hyperopia (farsightedness), accommodation spasm, amblyopia.

Our team

This is a solid team of highly qualified professional employees who provide quality customer service.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our prices for basic services.


from 3 360

  • Metal ceramic crown - from 3360
  • Free metal crown - from 5600
  • Vinir - from 8400


from 15 400

  • Lasak implant system (Czech Republic) – 15 400
  • Nobel Biocare (Switzerland) - 21 000
  • Inde Dental (BSC, KOS) (Switzerland) — 21 000


from 600

  • Direct restoration


from 600

  • Single channel treatment


from 1 400

  • Extraction of any complexity

Professional whitening

from 5 000

Ophthalmologist consultation

from 450

Hardware treatment

from 2 000


You can get acquainted with the equipment, doctors and the results of our work in the photo gallery of our site.


We are pleased to answer all your questions.

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